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Marie Friend lives in the Pacific Northwest, but was born and raised in Great Britain. Her maternal heritage comes from the Welsh Gypsies and anything in her family that others considered paranormal was normal. All her life she's had precognitive dreams and, because of her childhood environment, was an adult before she realized that this wasn't considered normal for everyone.

Books by Marie Friend

The Church (2017)

The Church is that mystical place that we all seek and is part reality and part imagination. It’s that special core within our hearts where we find the reason for living. Whether we search knowingly or unknowingly, this center is our own personal Truth to our existence.
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Dreams (2015)

“Are you one of those people who claim that they never dream?” Dreams, Mirrors of Your Soul begins with this intriguing question and challenges this erroneous thought throughout the entirety of the book. 

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Star (2011)

Star is a brilliant tour de force through love bonds that were forged during the time of Akhenaton, strengthened during the reign of Henry VIII, and then climaxed in New York during the September 11 fall of the World Trade Center. The connections between various time periods are compelling and brilliantly wrought, yet what stands out in this wonderful novel is love.
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By Marie Friend 05 Oct, 2017

The world has gone mad. This is my usual response every time there is another round of gun violence and the death of innocent people. It's the same old- same old, isn't it? For a while, (depending on the shock value of such an event) - the media milks the latest tragedy for all it's worth. Within hours we’re blasted with repeated pictures of the mass deluge of bullets and people either screaming and running in panic, falling down from injuries inflicted — or dropping dead.

For a while there is a lot of talk about gun control coming out of Washington. Depending on the individual politician's point of view and political agenda, the dialogue usually runs along the same lines. - that is until said politician has also milked the tragedy for all its worth in order to service his/. her agenda.

Do I sound cynical? Yes. Sadly, just like millions of Human Beings, I've become numbed and resigned to the fact that this is the state of the world we're living in. Is this a normal state? Of course not!

This is a world we've created over centuries of taking our Home for granted and accepting the idea that "It's every Man for himself" We are finally receiving the 'rewards of our labors'. At the risk of sounding like I'm Bible thumping - we are reaping what we've sowed.

Is this state of affairs acceptable? What do you think? Can we step back from the Abyss we're about to go over? Can you as an Individual Being answer that?

It takes many individual people to build a Sky Scraper - an Airliner - a Cruise ship - - a Pyramid. How many does it take to destroy such structures? How long did it take for that sick man to mar the grandeur of that Las Vegas hotel by shattering its windows in order to carry out his intent? How long did it take that time in the nineteen eighties for so-called "enemies" to blow up that passenger plane flying over Scotland? How do you enjoy the necessity of having to be searched at the airport in the event that someone might be planning to blow up the plane?  The Pyramids are still standing - but for how long? How long did it take for the irreplaceable antiquities of Iraq to be plundered and smashed?

It takes only One Individual to decide whether He or She wants to Heal our Home - - or Destroy it.

I have a favorite song and I don't know where it came from - but whoever wrote it is right on!


"Let There Be Peace on Earth

And Let It Begin with Me."


Marie offers past life readings by telephone. 

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